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History of Sealpod: It all began with a girl, and her love of coffee

The founding principle of Sealpod is deeply personal. In 2007, founder and inventor, Molly Liu found herself going through a particularly difficult time. What brought comfort during this time was coffee. The smell, flavour, texture – a simple but wonderful pleasure.


This led to the pursuit of finding a coffee machine that delivered the type of coffee she wanted but also suited her busy lifestyle. Five years of trying lead to the Nespresso system. The simplicity, the coffee and of course the signature crema cemented the end of her quest for best, no-fuss coffee machine.


Soon however, she began to miss the speciality coffee she used to enjoyPlus the guilt of making so much waste from the disposable capsules weighed heavily.


This is when Molly's Reasearch and Development background kicked into high gearShe set out to create a disposable capsule that met her personal criteria. Firstly, it could not damage her precious machine  It had to be stainless steel and contain only good quality FDA approved materials.  Most of all it had to deliver a great cup of coffeecomplete with a nice crema top.


Fast forward to today, and the patented Sealpod system is converting coffee lovers across the globe. In the words of Molly Liu (inventor and founder) "you know that it took passion, effort, time and faith to get it done, so Sealpod is quite unique comparing to other counterfeit products. I do hope you choose us, and please feel great if you already had, because you are doing the right thing for the environment, and I’m grateful to you."

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