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Do I have to descale my machine to use Sealpod?
No. Definitely not, but in order to get the most out of your Sealpods, we recommend that you descale your machine. We highly recommend not descaling with vinegar as that does not remove the natural oils from the machine. Instead, we recommend picking up a descaler appropriate for your machine

I have my own coffee bean grinder. Which grind size should I use?
Grind size is important. Too coarse and your coffee will taste a bit weaker, too fine and the water may not be able to pass easily through the capsule.  We recommend a medium- fine grind for best results.

How many coffee shots do you recommend?
Short shots reduce the acid level of the coffee – and taste better!  For a lungo we  recommend two short shots for the perfect cup.

The coffee tastes differently compared to my Nespresso or Starbucks capsules
If your coffee tastes different, try playing around with different types of coffees and roasters. It could also be that the capsules you used previously contained flavour enhancers and you are adjusting to a new flavour. For more ideas, check out our blog. 

How long can I store my coffee beans or ground coffee?
Fresh is best! We encourage you to pick up your coffee in small batches.

How can I still enjoy a fresh Sealpod coffee on a busy morning without losing time to prepare? 
For busy mornings, fill the capsules ahead of time and put on the fresh cover (provided in each box) on the capsule to keep fresh for up to 10 days. Have children? We recommend making it a fun-family effort and have them fill them ahead of time while keeping you company in the kitchen! 

How do I clean the Sealpod capsule? 
Cleaning the Sealpod capsule is easy. As the capsules are stainless steel they’ll be quite hot after brewing. Please let them cool before you touch them. That will also make it easier to remove the sticker lids. Once the capsule is cool, you can easily remove the sticker lid. To do so, puncture it with the handle of the scoop, then simply peel off the SealPod sticker lid. Rinse your capsule in the sink then wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

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