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The comforting aroma of coffee, the warming pleasure of a morning coffee, sharing a coffee with family or friends – it is an important element of our everyday life. But what if this simple pleasure was responsible for the consumption of 6 million disposable capsules a day.  Not only do many of these capsules find their way into a landfill, but the production of these capsules alone has a signficant negative environmental impact. What if there was a better way? That is exactly what we asked ourselves, and why we want to share Sealpod with you.  The patented capsules are completely different from the other reusable capsules on the market.  Essentially it creates the perfect cup of crema topped coffee without damaging your machine, simply.  That was something that we could stand behind.

Why Sealpod? 

Sealpod is the original refillable capsule system. The patented reusable stainless steel Sealpod capsule works like your regular disposable capsule and will not damage your machine unlike other non disposable capsules on the market. The magic is in the Sealpod capsule size which is slightly shorter than a regular disposable capsule and the food grade aluminium sticker lid. This means Sealpod does not need to be forced into the machine, and the sticker lid enables a stronger pressure which helps create the crema.  And, since it is a patented design – you can be assured you will not find that same high quality with competing reusable capsules.

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